Delivered a session on Virtual Classrooms – best practices to School Teachers

I got an opportunity to present a session on etiquette and tips & tricks in the 5-day online workshop organized by IT Milan Seva Foundation and & NTU Kerala.  About 100 teachers from different schools across Kerala attended the event. The sessions were handled by experts in technology field and mine was on day-4. The program name was “പഞ്ചദിന ശാക്തീകരണ ശില്പശാല“, which formally concluded today. This stands here as my first ever technology session in Malayalam and, I am crediting this session also to my giving-back-to-community personal goal.

Best Practices Deck

Topics covered:

– Etiquettes

– Best Practices & tricks

– Google Calendar

– Google Forms

– Chrome extensions

Video recording of the same can be watched here.

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