Wavelength of thoughts

Have you ever wondered why there are certain personalities with people around them – both who likes and hates them ? Here is my thought… its the wavelength difference.

Some people might be considering you as a genius but for others you might be a fool, or a person who love to ask stupid questions. I observe people and try to stand in other’s shoes usually to find why a particular person is like that. This guy might be thinking much faster, or slower than you buddy!

When we talk in discussions, we tend to think, analyse and articulate next statement in mind, which is a (semi) parallel activity. Your pace of thoughts and articulating skills matters. The opponent might be a fast thinker in the same topic of discussion and while you are at point A, he might be at point D so he might be talking about things which are highly relevant to him but you are not even in point B so you have synchronization problems. Vice versa also can happen, and its nobody’s fault. Give more importance to your listening skills so you can race up to his speed and make sense out of what he says.