15 benefits of embracing Microsoft Power Platform

Find some of the benefits of Microsoft Power Platform.

  1. Self-Service for Easy Adoption and Use
  2. Can be used by most kinds of users (business, executives, developers, BAs)
  3. Rapid prototyping (no need to remake)
  4. Saving time for development
  5. Reducing third party dependency
  6. Integration with third parties, especially Microsoft tools such as one drive, excel, teams
  7. Device compatibility (work across devices)
  8. All Enterprise Business Processes in a Single Platform
  9. Compliance, Governance, Scalability, Security, Disaster Recovery
  10. No software upgrade, patching headaches
  11. Microsoft Advantage
  12. Office 365 Integration
  13. Enterprise Scale
  14. Large set of connectors (data source support)
  15. Serverless