Getting myself introduced to Azure Synapse Analytics

This week I got an opportunity to be part of the program “Analytics In A Day”, organized by my employer, Orion Innovation. This is a one full-day workshop by Microsoft, delivers through their partners and target audience is usually technology leaders, architects, managers and developers. I have experience with various components of Azure Synapse Analytics individually such as ADF/Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Databricks and DataLake but it is a very nice experience working with a unified platform which provides seamless integration, or in other words – each stakeholders: Data Scientists, Analytics, Architects, Business users and IT guys gets the relief of having bothered only about the area they really have to bother about, such as: Data Scientist can focus on his data and models and don’t worry anymore about how he/she can bring the data inside the tool. The program starts with data sources, and talks about the ingestion, processing storage, machine learning and visualization.

I was previously part of “DIAD aka Dashboard In A Day” also, which is all about preparing reports and dashboards in Power BI stack.

Microsoft's Azure Synapse Analytics bridges the gap between data lakes and  warehouses | TechCrunch

My old, but new blog

I am blogging since 2001, and got a permanent home by 2004. So it is nearly two decades now. But due to poor quality hosting and I was not rich enough to afford the high costs that time, my site crashed N number of times. I was able to restore my site from backups most of the time. But recently, again after a major server crash, I realized that most of the posts became obsolete now as most of my blogging was about technology, so there is no point in keeping those junk.

Now I am on a new hosting plan, seems stable, but with a fresh start. Let me begin (not resume) a new journey. Thank you for the support by reading my blogs.