Pramod, we miss you man!

On this day, a year back we lost Pramod Thekkelthody, Manager of Operations at Orion India Systems, who was a beloved person for an infinite number of people. Why people liked him is because of only one thing, his ‘caring’.


People who know me personally knows that I am not such a person who bothers about deaths, or other events such as marriages. But for the first time in my life, I am feeling that a life event means something. I still do not believe Pramod is not with us today.

He was hospitalized for Angioplasty, and it was Covid season so entry was restricted, and I also did not have the intention to disturb him. I was getting regular health updates from other friends but we did not think things are going to be out of our control. On 5th May 2020, morning around 7:30am, after his discharge day from hospital, I thought to call him but since it was early morning so I did not do it. But by 10:30am, some unknown vibrations were haunting me and I sent a WhatsApp message to him.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-05 at 11.14.50 AM

But in 10 minutes, I got a call from the friend Vinod that, he left us few minutes back.

In 2010, I got the job as a Project Manager, R&D and had to relocate from Thiruvananthapuram to Ernakulam. I was new to Ernakulam and sensing my frustrations, may be, I don’t know… Pramod has been calling me and explaining the route, guest house facilities a month early itself. On the way to Kochi, he called me multiple times to ensure I am okay, and he wanted to know where I am until I reached the guest house. Next day morning, he himself came to pick me up from the guest house to report on time at office. I was seated a cubicle away from his, inside the same room along with small HR team. I had to leave after six months and I have rejoined Orion in 2012. Again same story, multiple calls and helping to settle.

Between my tenure, twice I got offers from other companies and it is just because of this guy, I turned those down. We say “people leave managers not companies”, for me “it is people leave people”. On 2021 April, I left Orion. This time Pramod was not there to stop me. If he was there, I would not have even think about a resignation.

He was everywhere. He was a role model for commitment and dedication. He was a guide and mentor to many. Every friend of him has a story to tell. He was a power for us to boost courage. I also have many stoeis, will try to write when in good mood…

Orion has been a permanent home for K-MUG sessions for over a decade and it would not have been possible without his support. It was him who helped us by arranging the training hall, refreshments with snacks of our choice, and notepads, pen and the speaker mementoes. Many a time he even cancelled other company events to make room for K-MUG events and he even extended hand to renting hall outside when in unavoidable situations. But he never took credit for anything. He also played a big role in the success of K-MUG recent years.

We volunteered together for our charity initiative Smile O’n.

We lost a good friend. You are still with us, in our memories.

#BeHonest 2021 Resolution

#BeHonest 100% is one of my 2021 resolution. It doesn’t mean I was not honest previous years but I was, though I was not Mr. Perfect!

But who in the life doesn’t say lies?

Looking back, I had many minor, but not-harmful lies to family and friends but I always had that feeling of regret, and the pain of making more lies to cover up a previous lie. Same time, I did postmortem of my actions and always used to replay in mind the same scene with the intention of having a better result, and that always gave me peace, and that process gave me courage to overcome when a next similar situation occurs again. Being honest always helped me to take more risks in life and I was never let down by anybody because I am being honest, but it has become an advantage for my life and career.

My twin brothers are my inspiration for ‘being honest’, and just because of this qualiry the people around me likes me.

Getting myself introduced to Azure Synapse Analytics

This week I got an opportunity to be part of the program “Analytics In A Day”, organized by my employer, Orion Innovation. This is a one full-day workshop by Microsoft, delivers through their partners and target audience is usually technology leaders, architects, managers and developers. I have experience with various components of Azure Synapse Analytics individually such as ADF/Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Databricks and DataLake but it is a very nice experience working with a unified platform which provides seamless integration, or in other words – each stakeholders: Data Scientists, Analytics, Architects, Business users and IT guys gets the relief of having bothered only about the area they really have to bother about, such as: Data Scientist can focus on his data and models and don’t worry anymore about how he/she can bring the data inside the tool. The program starts with data sources, and talks about the ingestion, processing storage, machine learning and visualization.

I was previously part of “DIAD aka Dashboard In A Day” also, which is all about preparing reports and dashboards in Power BI stack.

Microsoft's Azure Synapse Analytics bridges the gap between data lakes and  warehouses | TechCrunch