#BeHonest 2021 Resolution

#BeHonest 100% is one of my 2021 resolution. It doesn’t mean I was not honest previous years but I was, though I was not Mr. Perfect!

But who in the life doesn’t say lies?

Looking back, I had many minor, but not-harmful lies to family and friends but I always had that feeling of regret, and the pain of making more lies to cover up a previous lie. Same time, I did postmortem of my actions and always used to replay in mind the same scene with the intention of having a better result, and that always gave me peace, and that process gave me courage to overcome when a next similar situation occurs again. Being honest always helped me to take more risks in life and I was never let down by anybody because I am being honest, but it has become an advantage for my life and career.

My twin brothers are my inspiration for ‘being honest’, and just because of this qualiry the people around me likes me.