Delivered a session on Virtual Classrooms – best practices to School Teachers

I got an opportunity to present a session on etiquette and tips & tricks in the 5-day online workshop organized by IT Milan Seva Foundation and & NTU Kerala.  About 100 teachers from different schools across Kerala attended the event. The sessions were handled by experts in technology field and mine was on day-4. The program name was “പഞ്ചദിന ശാക്തീകരണ ശില്പശാല“, which formally concluded today. This stands here as my first ever technology session in Malayalam and, I am crediting this session also to my giving-back-to-community personal goal.

Best Practices Deck

Topics covered:

– Etiquettes

– Best Practices & tricks

– Google Calendar

– Google Forms

– Chrome extensions

Video recording of the same can be watched here.

My wp-ShowGithubFile plugin is accepted by WordPress today!

Though I wrote the plugin initially for personal use, now the same is available for you to use in your WordPress sites.


You can either download it from the directory, or install directly within your WordPress installation. Here is a live demo of the plugin:

001 package;
003 import java.util.Arrays;
005 public class Main {
007     public static void main(String[] args) {
009         // New Customer wants to buy a bottle
010         Customer customer = new Customer();
012         // Customer Registration
013         customer.RegisterMe("+919999999999"PhoneType.APP ); // App or SMS?
015         // Assuming Registration successful
017         // Customer requests the token using a mobile app, or by sending SMS
018         String CustomerToken =  customer.giveMeAToken("695000"); // Pin code
020         if (CustomerToken != null) {
021             //  Assuming Customer gets the token and he goes to the Outlet
022         } else {
023             // Seems there are no slots available. Try again later.
024             return;
025         }
028         // At the Outlet, sales guy is scanning the token
029         Boolean OutletVerification = new Outlet().isTheTokenShownByCustomerValid(CustomerToken);
031         if (OutletVerification) {
032             // Assuming the validation is success
033             System.out.println("Customer says: Wow, I got the bottle!");
034         } else {
035             System.out.println("Sales guy says: Get lost!");
036         }
037     }
039     public enum PhoneType APPSMS };
041     private static class VQServer {
042         // Database
043         public String[] tokenDB = { "A""B","C","D","E" };
044         public String[] Outlets = {"Outlet1""Outlet2""Outlet3"};
046         public void registerCustomer(String phoneNumberPhoneType phonetype) {
047             // Register customer
049         }
050         public String requestNewTokenByCustomer(String pinCode) {
051             // Logic for - Token generation logic
052             // Logic for - Find nearest outlet using pinCode
054             // Send token by SMS if PhoneType is SMS
056             return "C"// Sample token
057         }
059         public Boolean validateTokenByOutlet(String token) {
060             return Arrays.asList(tokenDB).contains(token); // Validate
061         }
062     };
064     static VQServer vqServer = new VQServer();
066     private static class Customer {
068         public String giveMeAToken(String pinCode) {
069             return vqServer.requestNewTokenByCustomer(pinCode);
070         }
071         public void RegisterMe(String phoneNumberPhoneType phonetype) {
072             // Customer Registration
073             vqServer.registerCustomer(phoneNumberphonetype);
074         }
075     }
076     private static class Outlet {
077         public Boolean isTheTokenShownByCustomerValid(String token) {
078             return vqServer.validateTokenByOutlet(token);
079         }
080     }
081 }

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Microsoft Build 2020 – Highlights

Find my notes on Microsoft 2020 Build – virtual event, held on 19,20 & 21st May 2020.

Build Home –

Microsoft 365

  • Fluid Framework – A new framework to build distributed web applications. (in preview) [Link]
  • Project Cortex – Classify organization content using AI to topics. Knowledge base to improve employees’ organizational intelligence and productivity (in preview). Microsoft Graph based APIs will be available.[Link]
  • Microsoft Lists – Will have templates for quick lists, color formatting, and the ability to create alerts, track issues, assets, routines, contacts, and inventory for companies [Link]
  • Office Scripting [Link]
  • Outlook – Compose email messages with text prediction
  • Excel – New features – new capabilities, contextual experiences [Link]
  • Misc. – Office Add-In debugger Extension for VS Code


  • Teams to get customizable templates
  • Easily create Chatbots
  • Power Platform Integration
  • Developers can build and publish Teams app using Visual Studio and VS Code
  • Easy integration of custom apps and Power Apps using single click
  • Share Power BI reports in Teams
  • Schedule virtual appoints in Teams
  • Broadcast events and create studio productions from virtual stage

Reference: [Link]

Power Platform

  • Trying to bring in low-code RPA into Power Automate with the acquisition of Softomotive [Link]
  • New “Add to Teams” experience


  • Azure Synapse Link
    • Bringing database services and analytics together in real time [Link]
  • Azure ML
    • New “responsible machine learning” tools in AML. This will help developers understand, protect and control their models throughout the machine learning lifecycle. [Link][Link]
  • AI Supercomputer
    • New infrastructure available in Azure to train extremely large AI models [Link]
  • Azure Arc & Azure Stack Hub (updates)
    • Azure Arc – For customers who want to simplify complex and distributed environments across on-premises, edge and multicloud, Azure Arc enables deployment of Azure services anywhere and extends Azure management to any infrastructure [Link]
    • Azure Stack Hub – Azure Stack Hub broadens Azure to let you run apps in an on-premises environment and deliver Azure services in your datacenter [Link]
  • Azure SQL Edge (in preview)
    • Combines new capabilities such as data streaming and time series with in-database machine learning and graph features [Link]
  • Azure Quantum
    • One-stop-shop in Azure that gives you the freedom to create your own path to scalable quantum computing. [Link]


  • Visual Studio Codespaces (formerly Visual Studio Online) [Link]
    • Cloud-hosted, managed dev environments accessible from anywhere
  • Project Reunion
    • Unifying app development across the billion windows 10 devices [Link]
    • Breaking the barrier between Win32 and UWP APIs.
  • WSL / Windows Subsystem for Linux [Link]
    • Support for Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 distros
    • Run all Linux apps in WSL
    • GPU support
  • .NET
    • C# 9 – preview is available [Link]
  • Blazor
    • WebAssembly is out of preview
  • Microsoft Graph Services
    • productivity-focused services powered by Microsoft 365 and Azure, that are designed specifically for developers who are building high-value applications [Link]
  • Windows Package Manager
    • Native Package Manager for Windows 10 (in preview) [Link]


  • Azure IoT Developer Specialty Certification


  • Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare
    • Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare brings together trusted and integrated
      capabilities for customers and partners that enrich patient engagement and
      connects health teams to help improve collaboration, decision-making, and
      operational efficiencies [Link]
  • New Microsoft Edge

Blockchain event in Kochi on 10th Nov 2018

Blockchain is the next big thing in this… oops, I mean the current BIG thing in the industry. Want to know more about what is Blockchain, how is it implemented and, would you love to hear about the experiences of professionals already in Blockchain space? Come to Orion Business Innovation, Kochi Infopark this Saturday, 10th November 2018 at 3:00PM and let us have a Coffee. You can show your interest directly in this meetup page.

We will be planning for a series of sessions on Blockchain so do not left behind.