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Create AWS Lambda function with .NET Core / C# | Part #1

This blog explains how you can create an AWS Lambda function with .NET Core / C# as runtime.

Step 1 – Create function

Step 1.1 – Login to your AWS account, and select “Lambda from the services”


Step 1.2 – Click “Create Function”


Step 1.3 – Choose “Author From scratch”


There are advanced templates available, but I am keeping those out of the scope of this article.

Now fill,

  • Function name
  • Runtime, our case .NET Core (I am choosing the version .NET Core 3.1, which is the latest version when writing this article)

Click “Create function”


Usually it will take 10 to 15 seconds to get the function created. Once finished, you will be redirected to the Designer page.

Step 2 – Test the function

Step 2.1 – Configure test events – Select the test events drop down item


Step 2.2 – Fill in Event Name and enter some test input value (the built in template function is not expecting any input but we will require this when trying API Gateway in Part #2 blog) and click “Create”


Step 2.3 – Click “Test” button to test the function

Test result should show like this:


In Part #2 we will see how you can create a custom .NET Core function and deploy to AWS Lambda.