Am I technical, or into management?

Just got a feedback from a founder of one of the largest vending machine manufacturing company in India that, my ‘public profile’ is more of program management than technical. That’s indeed a surprise for me and provoked thinking and and analyse my position.

My conclusion in a nutshell,

“I am a technical person, with leadership and management skills”


The Importance of Radio in the 21st Century - Canadian Journalists for Free  Expression (CJFE)
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When I was a kid, of some age 7, my aunt used to hide her Radio box whenever my family visited her. Yes, I was a bit famous for screwing the electronics devices that time. My cousin brother had a Electronics Appliance Repair shop at home, and he also used to do almost same; shut the door so I will not enter into his work premises. Thanks to my father’s workshop – which was a junk yard of past work remains which included items from few companies like Keltron. My brothers and I used to play with coper wires, transformers, and what not. We wondered how our radio used resume playing when it get a hit on the head when the volume goes down. We started peeking into the radio, then TV and started real exploration. We assembled our own radios (the great L board), LED dancing circuits and power amplifiers. I even sold few to friends and made some Rs. 50/- profit when I was in 8th standard. The same cousin brother said ‘I didn’t know you are this good in Electronics’ when he heard the news that I won the first price in Electronics competitions in School and District level, and then secured 2nd place in Kerala State level.

World of computer was strange for me. My school, made me believe that. There was a computer lab, but the qualification to enter was 90% marks in Mathematics. Obviously, being a hater (that also because of school teachers) I was not interested in the track. Also, computer is not something common that time. Its the era of type writers.

Not much but it's mine. do you think my intel 8088 will bottleneck my IBM  MDA graphics card? : r/pcmasterrace
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I have two brothers, twins – elder to me. One of my brother, Arun joined VHSE Computer and Alok in Electronics. Thus I got grip in both tracks. Arun taught be BASIC language, then C. My journey started there. I became very passionate in programming. I made even UI apps in the era of DBase III+ and COBOL. Then I also joined VHSE Computer and systematically explored more. And yeah! I was one of those pet of computer instructors and lab assistants.

I used to help my fellow colleagues with their studies, which let me end up at Graphics Institute of Science and Technology, a small training institute run by Dileep Kumar sir. (all the named used are my local circle names, and nothing to do with popular figures)

(To be continued…)

Wavelength of thoughts

Have you ever wondered why there are certain personalities with people around them – both who likes and hates them ? Here is my thought… its the wavelength difference.

Some people might be considering you as a genius but for others you might be a fool, or a person who love to ask stupid questions. I observe people and try to stand in other’s shoes usually to find why a particular person is like that. This guy might be thinking much faster, or slower than you buddy!

When we talk in discussions, we tend to think, analyse and articulate next statement in mind, which is a (semi) parallel activity. Your pace of thoughts and articulating skills matters. The opponent might be a fast thinker in the same topic of discussion and while you are at point A, he might be at point D so he might be talking about things which are highly relevant to him but you are not even in point B so you have synchronization problems. Vice versa also can happen, and its nobody’s fault. Give more importance to your listening skills so you can race up to his speed and make sense out of what he says.

Find the first and second largest number in a series – without using arrays or functions

This is just a revision of my school memories. Language used is Java.

import java.util.Scanner;

public class testmain {
public static void main(String[] args) {

int large = 0; // there is a possible logic error, ignore
int slarge = 0; // there is a possible logic error, ignore

Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;
System.out.println("Enter the number of elements");
int N = scanner.nextInt();

for (int c = 0;c<N;c++) {
int num = scanner.nextInt();

if (num > large) {
large = num;

if (num != large && num > slarge) {
slarge = num;

"Largest = " + large +
"\nSecond Largest = " + slarge