Web 3.0 is here…

While reading about Web3, it initially reminded me for no reason the decentralized internet concept discussed in the famous Silicon Valley television series. Well, I thought to write about my learning on the reading of this buzz topic. I started my love for internet with the sound of dial-up internet so I was lucky enough to experience different browsers, sockets, chat apps, HTML, compatibilities and incompatibilities, and various phases of web standards. Initially it was purely technology focused but it has turned to human focused now. Thanks to the evolving Customer Experience (CX) and design thinkers’ priorities and involuntary digital revolution.

Web3 is based on Blockchain

Specifically, the decentralization and, that is the major upgrade we have from Web 2.0. Data volumes, importance and complexities has raised to uncontrollable states now and it has become a need of the hour for the enterprises to keep a log book of what is happening with data. Systems are forced today to check whether you are a human being and not a bot, before allowing you to do any transactions. Captcha, Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA), Single Sign On, Face Recognition, and what not. Companies are investing hugely to protect their data by securing the systems and we were limited to traditional authentication and role based security based authorizations as enterprise standard. For many years sensitive industries such as Banking sector were reluctant to use Cloud systems because of trust issues and Cloud vendors such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services had hard time selling their products to enterprises. Consumer sector is still feared about Alexa being listening to their conversations, and industries are concerned about the data leakage of their IoT devices. With Web 3.0, and the proven architecture of crypto designs such as blockchain is going to significantly change the outlook and the on-premise systems will soon completely move to a decentralized mode.

It’s intelligent

Web 3.0 is expected to be intelligent than the previous generations because now we have figured out what internet can do, and what we want. We have advanced (but still immature in many area) much in data science, analytics and predictions so it is time to have the systems we build also have these learnings available ‘by design’.

Is it just a hype?

No, it cannot be. The concepts doesn’t talk anything unrealistic, but it vouch for the need of the hour.

More reading

Visit https://web3.foundation/ to read more. The technology stack page is very interesting.

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