Power Automate: Send daily status post in Microsoft Teams from a SharePoint List

Assuming you have a “List” in SharePoint and you want to post a summary/or list as-it-is to a chat group in Microsoft Teams. You can simply change same to send a mail notification too, instead of Teams.

Output in Teams:


Development Steps:

Step 01 – Schedule

I would start with a Recurrence Trigger (schedule). Check always the Time zone of the trigger will happen on GMT.


Step 02 – Get list items from SharePoint

Choose the site address and list name


Step 03 – HTML’ize

I wanted to format the SharePoint List content as a table and, MS Teams message supports HTML. So I will create a header and assign it to a new variable.


Step 04 – Convert SharePoint rows to HTML rows

Next step creates each row from SharePoint to corresponding <TR>s. You can choose to omit or add any columns as per your requirement.


Step 05 – Close HTML table

Once the rows are added to HTML table, I would close it and add also any footer notes.


Step 06 – Post message in Teams

Finally, send the message to Teams. I have used a group chat in my case.


Flow view:

This is what my simple Power Automate flow looks like:


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