List of mistakes on Security aspects which developers usually make

Below are some common mistakes developers make while development. Most of the mistakes will not impact the functionality of the application so tendency is to make the mistake subconsciously. Security should be by design and it is not something we should incorporate after the development.

OWASP guidelines should be taken as high priority in addition to this list.

  1. Writing sensitive information such as passwords in the paper or sticky notes
  2. Sharing credentials between team members
  3. Hard-coding sensitive information as plain text, including passwords in the application in configuration files, databases and comments
  4. Not encrypting the database
  5. Use of untrusted code from public internet forums without proper reviews and corrections
  6. Not encrypting the communication channels such as API
  7. Not following the principle of least privileges
  8. Opening server ports to public
  9. Not enforcing password policies (strong password, expiry policy, multi-factor-authentication)
  10. Not educating oneself on the secure coding practices
  11. Writing SQL in application code, instead of using stored procedures or ORM libraries
  12. Not validating user input values at server side
  13. Not setting session expiry policy
  14. Giving password hints on unsuccessful login attempts
  15. Not using custom exception pages, instead expose the debug messages to user
  16. No logging and monitoring
  17. Not making use of cryptography libraries
  18. Not writing unit testing code
  19. Not Automating static code analysis tools such as SonarQube
  20. Using untrusted sources for downloading libraries

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