A quick Sentiment Analysis app using Azure Cognitive Services

Step 1: Create a Text Analytics Resource

From the Azure Portal, create a resource “Text Analytics”


Once created, you should be able to get the Endpoint URL and Key from the “Keys and Endpoint” section


Step 2: Create a .NET Console application in Visual Studio

Get the Azure.AI.TextAnalytics nuget package for your solution


Here you go your sample code

using Azure;
using Azure.AI.TextAnalytics;
using System;

namespace ConsoleApp1
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            string url = "https://mytestoutlookaddin.cognitiveservices.azure.com/";
            string key = "paste_your_key_here";

            var client = new TextAnalyticsClient(new Uri(url), new AzureKeyCredential(key));

            DocumentSentiment mood = client.AnalyzeSentiment("It's a nice day!");
            Console.WriteLine("Mood: {0}", mood.Sentiment );
            Console.WriteLine("Positive: {0}", mood.ConfidenceScores.Positive);
            Console.WriteLine("Neutral: {0}", mood.ConfidenceScores.Neutral);
            Console.WriteLine("Negative: {0}", mood.ConfidenceScores.Negative);

Below is the output expected:


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