SSAS: Dimension Relationships in Cubes

“Dimension relationship” refers to the direct or indirect relationships between dimension and its measure groups in a Cube.

Regular Refers to a standard relationship, when a Key column in the dimension is directly joined to fact table.
Reference When a Key column in the dimension is indirectly joined to fact table by referencing another dimension.
Fact / Degenerate Dimensions constructed from attribute columns in fact tables than from attribute columns in dimension tables.
Many-to-Many One dimension is associated with multiple facts

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Change Server Mode in SSAS

You can change the Analysis Services mode from Multidimensional Mode to Tabular Mode or vice versa easily by following below steps. I did this on SQL Server Analysis Services 2016 version.

Step 1: Edit msmdsrv.ini file

Go to folder X:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSAS13.MSSQLSERVER\OLAP\Config

Change X: with your correct installation drive.

Open file msmdsrv.ini in notepad

It is recommended to take a backup first. There is a chance this folder require additional permission to edit so I would suggest you to open the file “as Administrator”

Find the tag <DeploymentMode>0</DeploymentMode>

If your current mode is Multidimensional then the DeploymentMode value will be 0 or if Tabular, then it will be 2. Change it to 0 or 2 as per your requirement.

Step 2: Restart SSAS

Open SQL Server Configuration Manager from Start menu and
Right click on “SQL Server Analysis Services” and click “Restart” in the context menu.

Finished! Try connecting to SSAS instance in SSMS to test.