Send an Office365 SMTP mail in .NET/C#

Sending a mail using Office365 is no big deal. It is just similar to how you send a mail via any SMTP server. But you will have to mind the SMTP host, port number and remember to enable SSL in the code. Here goes the code snippet:

using (MailMessage message = new MailMessage())
message.From = new MailAddress("");
message.Subject = "test mail";
message.Body = "<h1>test</h1>";
message.IsBodyHtml = true;

SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient("", 587);

client.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("", "passwordhere");
client.EnableSsl = true;

K-MUG TechDay August 2017–Agenda Announced

Here it goes… It is always a joy organizing events. Speakers, thank you for accepting  my request on speaking engagements.

Date & Venue:
19, August 2017 at Orion India Systems, Kochi Infopark

K-MUG Tech Day – August 2017  – Agenda
1. Implementing bots in real life projects – by Alok R
2. Golang for Beginners by Alvin Zachariah
3. Diagramming the Architecture by Praveen Nair
    < Lunch break>
4. Introduction to Machine Learning on Azure by Albin Jacob
5. Kick start ASP.NET Core 2.0 by Anuraj P
6. Increasing Productivity with VS 2017 – by Amal Dev

My old, but new blog

I did technical blogging since 2001, and got a permanent domain since 2004. So it is almost 17+ years crossed. Due to poor quality costing (yeah, I was poor) my site crashed N number of times and was able to restore my site from backups most of the time. But recently, after again a major server crash, I realized that most of the posts became obsolete now and there is no point in keeping those junk.

So, now I am on a new hosting plan, but with a fresh blog. Let me begin (not resume) a new journey. Thank you for the support by reading my blogs.